Hello and welcome on the Trespasser-on-Earth’s website!

Why the name Trespasser-on-Earth? The choice came naturally, though the explanation is a bit elusive. It suggests that we as individuals are just a speck of dust in the vastness of space while suspended between the past and the future, and only have ‘permission’ for trespassing.

EXPLORATIONS – A child prepares for life through explorations – starting from the immediate surrounding and gradually expanding the horizon over time

I spend most of my free time doing three things: planning a new trip, being on a trip or processing the photos from a previous trip. I like to immerse myself in different cultures. After all, I have lived in three distinctly different cultures (former Yugoslavia, Hungary and the United Kingdom), and I still call all of them my home – sometimes confusing my family as to where I am exactly going.

With the Trespasser-on-Earth Atlas (ToE Atlas), my long-term goal is to help you get a feel for the enchanting beauty of nature and the diversity of human creativity. For me, traveling is not a box-ticking exercise, but an adventure. Which does not have to push boundaries; it just means being present in the moment and/or trying something new. I like to roam the places off the beaten path, eat where the locals do it and sometimes end up where I did not intend to go. In any case, my travel bucket list is still very long and constantly expanding.

Articles and/or photos featured in:
Atlas Obscura: An Explorer’s Guide to the World’s Most Unusual Places (2016 – Joshua Foer, Dylan Thuras, Ella Morton)
Mystical Traveling Guide Book: Most Haunted Places in Indonesia (2020 – Mira Wardhaningsih, Aulia Khairunnisa)
National Geographic Magazine
Atlas Obscura Magazine
Various cultural and travel websites as well as media outlets

CREATIONS – After a while, exploration alone is not enough, the need for creation awakens

I spent my childhood in my father’s graphic art studio, constantly surrounded by innovation and creativity. Thus, in a sense, it is natural that my need to escape the humdrum of everyday life has been realized through the design of creative artifacts inspired by nature, such as dresses and necklaces.

The Artly Studio site is a humble attempt to share my passions with you. In my designs, I allow the used mediums to tell their own stories while trying to catch the intangible. I strive to create pieces with attitude. I am also passionate about some of the contemporary approaches to fashion design, such as zero waste, sustainability and being mindful of environmental protection. To this end, I am constantly exploring new and newer mediums and techniques.

MUSINGS – A faithful companion of exploration and creation is learning – sometimes learning is unconscious, while other times it is conscious and even directed

My first love was mathematics. It was a reassuring fact that in each situation, two and two were equal to four. Later, in grammar school, we had a falling out because in higher algebra two and two are not necessarily equal to four. So I became a microelectronics design engineer, not a mathematician.

The Think About it First (TAF) site is a collection of my professional publications. My education background covers a wide range from electric engineering through business management to operational research. I have many years of practical experience as an engineer as well as a senior manager in the fields of electronics manufacturing, ICT network design and logistics. I have also gained significant experience in teaching, consultancy and academic as well as industrial research in the fields of electric engineering, business development, strategic decision making and artificial intelligence. I am still constantly learning to develop my expertise, to acquire new skills, or simply for the beauty of learning

HUMILITIES – To explore different aspects of human existence, you have to be humble

To conclude this introduction, this is my outlook on life; to seek humility for nature, different cultures, knowledge, past and future …

All the text and photos are my own (unless otherwise indicated) and the copyright of everything here belongs to me. I am not affiliated with or compensated by anybody featured on the website in any way.

Feel free to contact me with any comments, suggestions or if you have a specific question about my own experience.

Happy trespassing,

Jaszmina Szendrey, founder of Trespasser-on-Earth, Artly Studio and TAF

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