Artly Studio

The home of wearable art inspired by nature.

In my designs, I allow the used mediums to tell their own stories while trying to catch the intangible. To satisfy my analytical side, I take an innovative approaches to pattern making and cutting, sometimes even breaking the rules of traditional tailoring. This does not prevent me from applying ancient techniques as well, such as felting.

To accompany the dresses, I design statement necklaces made of various natural materials, such as gemstones, glass and precious metals. I strive to create necklaces with attitude: this sometimes means bringing out the petrified poetry of the nature inherent in the gemstones or breaking the visual rhythm of the design with a unique detail.

I am also passionate about some of the contemporary approaches to fashion design, such as zero waste, sustainability and being mindful of environmental protection. To this end, I am constantly exploring new and newer mediums and techniques.

For more details and to buy Artly Studio’s necklaces visit my Etsy Shop .

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