Tepelenë is the hometown of the barbarous yet refined Ottoman Albanian ruler, Ali Pashë Tepelena.

The town is located on the left bank of the Vjosë River, on a plateau above the river basin. The river spreads out in the valley near Tepelenë after breaking through the Këlcyrë Gorge for a few kilometers. In addition to the beautiful views from the town, the Vjosë River is of exceptional importance – it is one of the last living wild rivers in Europe.

Kalaja e Ali Pashës

Kalaja e Ali Pashës [Ali Pasha’s Castle] was established when the Byzantines built a defensive tower up on the hill on the left bank of Vjosë River. The site was successively developed during the Ottoman occupation, most notably by the capricious ruler Ali Pashë Tepelena in the early 19th century. Until 1820, it was the second residence of the pasha.


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