What is the Difference? There was Always Lifelong Learning

Baracskai, Zoltán, Dörfler, Viktor, Szendrey, Jaszmina & Velencei, Jolán (2014) What is the Difference? There was Always Lifelong Learning, International Scientific Journal of Management Information Systems, 9(2): 3-9

In this paper we start from examining the resource-based view (RBV), a widely accepted conceptual framework, and query its applicability in the very near future. Our initial point is that the notion of resources is automatically associated with the scarcity of resources; therefore RBV cannot serve as an appropriate framework in an era in which we have the abundance of the most important resource knowledge. This new era changes the conditions significantly, resulting in the loss of validity of the previously established framework. We cannot offer yet a comprehensive framework to replace RBV. What we try to achieve in this paper is to observe some prospective characteristics, some of which we can, at least partially, explain, others we cannot explain yet. In some instances we can only identify the problem, such as that we cannot possibly know what the ‘right knowledge’ will be in the near future. As it is all about learning, we bring together many different perspectives about learning in a transdisciplinary manner, in order to start identifying and clarifying reference points, which will characterize the new conceptual framework that we and many others will work on developing in the next few years.

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