Saklikent Gorge Walk

Turkey’s longest and deepest canyon with its fascinating cliffs of natural beauty offers spectacular views while the crystal clear icy water flowing through it provides a perfect place to cool down after a hot summer’s day.

Saklikent Gorge is 18 km long, 300 m deep and is a steep and narrow canyon. There is 700 m difference in height between the entrance and the exit of the canyon. Around 4 km of the canyon is accessible to walkers after April when most of the snow from the Taurus Mountains has melted and passed through it. Summer is the best time to visit the gorge because of the lowest water levels but even then only for able walkers.

The trekking in the gorge starts along a suspended wooden walkway. After about 200 meters, the walkway leads to an open space where the water rushes out from the rocks. You can spend some time here if you do not wish to go any further or you can also opt for water tubing.

However, if you want to explore the gorge further you will firstly need to cross the Dargaz Stream. Even in the summer, the water will come up to adults knees. The crossing is a challenge because the water here is fast and icy cold and the riverbed is uneven and slippery. While walking through the canyon you should expect walking in water and wet clay as well. Nevertheless, your efforts will be rewarded with scenic views of the soaring rock walls, dramatic rock formations, waterfalls and caves of prehistoric man. Going deeper into the canyon will challenge you with more and more obstructions. How far you dare to explore depends on you.

Next to the entrance to the gorge along the river, restaurants are set up with seating areas on wooden platforms suspended just above the rushing cold water. This is an ideal place to kick back upon oriental rugs and cushions and have some trout farmed locally.

Outside of the gorge, there are other restaurants as well as tree houses and motels for accommodation.

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