Kilpatrick Hills Hikes and Walks

The gently rolling Kilpatrick Hills is a popular day hiking area for Glaswegians.

The Whangie Hike

This Whangi Hill hiking trail leads to the Whangi rock formation and the boggy Auchineden Peak. Weather permitting, the hike offers scenic views of Loch Lomond with the mountains of the Highlands rising in the background and Campsie Fells.

The Whangie is a narrow chasm created by a slice of hillside that had been separated from the main slope. It is up to 10 meters high and about 100 meters long through which visitors can walk.

Well defined paths throughout with some muddy and boggy sections.

Distance: 4.8 km
Ascent: 191 m
Duration: 2 hours

Info and map:

Finnich Glen Walk

Finnich Glen is a sandstone gorge carved by the Carnock Burn. It is an enchanting and very fragile environment.

The trail runs at a safe distance from the edge of the gorge. At the end of the walk, a perilously steep staircase, built around 1860, leads to the bottom of the gorge. Deep inside, among the moss-covered stones, a circular rock can be found, known as the Devil’s Pulpit. To explore the full length of the gorge, you have to venture into the ice-cold stream.

Well defined paths throughout.

Extra care is needed on the stairs leading down.

There are only a few parking spaces nearby.

Distance: 0.6 km
Ascent: 15 m
Duration: 0.5 hour

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